Steganos Privacy Suite 19 100% Discount (Ends in 26 Sept 2018)

Steganos Privacy Suite offers a collection of powerful data privacy tools, in an integrated, easy-to-use interface and is designed for all Windows recognised PCs, laptops and mobile devices; guaranteed to give you peace of mind that your data is protected at all times.

Powerful tools include:

  • Steganos Safe
  • Steganos Portable Safe
  • Steganos Password Manager™
  • Steganos Password Generator™
  • Steganos Trace Destructor
  • E-Mail Encryption
  • Steganos PicPass™
  • And more…

Steganos Safe

If your PC, laptop or mobile device is lost, stolen or left unlocked how you can guarantee the security of your valuable data? Easy! Lock down all your confidential business and personal documents, videos and photos in a virtual vault using the Steganos Safe tool. Works just like a real safe protecting your data from unauthorised third party access.

Create multiple safes: Maybe you want to organise you confidential data into categories or you need a safe for more than one device. No Problem! Create as many encrypted safes as you need for sensitive data (up to 1GB each).

Steganos Portable Safe

Worried about the security of valuable data when you’re on the road? Mobile devices and portable SSDs can easily be lost or stolen in public places; SteganosPortable Safe lets you create your own mobile data vault to take with you anywhere. Simply save your confidential data to a USB stick, CD, DVD or BlueRay disc and you have your very own portable safe – use on any PC with no extra software or installations.

Steganos Password Manager

Many of us keep a record of our passwords in notepads, diaries or even on scraps of paper – these can easily be lost or fall into the wrong hands making your data vulnerable! In addition, e-mail shopping and Internet accounts that share or use weak passwords can easily be cracked by password hackers. Steganos Password Manager offers sophisticated features to create, sort, organise and manage all your passwords easily and securely.

Store All Passwords In One Secure Place

Store all your passwords, access codes and PIN numbers in one highly secure, 256-AES encrypted list, so you only ever have to remember one master password.

Portable Password Access Anywhere

Save your passwords to a USB stick so they can be securely used on any other PC without any extra software or tricky installations – perfect for when working on remote PCs.

Steganos Password Generator™

Automatically creates strong passwords you can trust by defining priorities such as length, characters, numbers and upper and lower case letters. You can even assess the strength of passwords you have keyed in yourself.

Auto-Form Fill Function
Eliminates annoying form filling, by automatically completing personal information in just one click – protecting you from keylogger attacks.

Perfect for competitions, registering accounts, online shopping orders and more…

Steganos Trace Destructor

Uncomfortable with the knowledge third parties can access information on how you use your PC or track your online movements? Let Steganos Trace Destructor help protect your right to privacy by erasing your tracks permanently. A great method of preventing targeted pop-up advertising.

Permanently deletes
  • Browsing history
  • Search lists
  • Cookies
  • Lists of PC programs used and recent documents opened

E-Mail Encryption

Transfer confidential information via e-mail with peace of mind using e-mail encryption with a click of a mouse – protecting you from prying eyes and phishing scams. E-mail recipients only need a password and the message will automatically decrypt itself, it couldn’t be easier!

Steganos PicPass™

Lets you access data safes or Steganos Password Manager™ by selecting a series of images as a password. A perfect solution to avoid keying in a long complicated password and protecting you from keylogger attacks.

Virtual Keyboard

Prevent your keyboard strokes from being recorded with the virtual keyboard. This is an invaluable tool to protect against keylogger attacks, particularly when working on remote PCs.

How to Get the Discount

  • First to get your license key, click “Get Your License Key” in below and enter your email address in the text box
  • Then you will get a confirmation E-mail, Click on that confirmation link
  • Then they send an email contains your license key
  • Once you get your free license key, download Steganos Privacy Suite 19 from below links and install it.
  • Once installed, run Steganos Privacy Suite 19 and register it with the key you were given.
  • You can register by clicking on I HAVE A SERIAL NUMBER at the first window that opens when you run the program.
  • Enjoy!

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